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Radio stations throughout the years

As far back as I can remember I have been a fan of good music.  I think it was around 4th or 5th grade when I started listening to the radio.  Here is a list of the radio stations I have listened to at various time of my life.

97.1 KISN

Nicknamed “Kiss’in” FM, this is the first station I can remember listening to.  They played oldies.  I think I got into this one one because my parents listened to it while we drove around the great Beaverton/Portland areas in our Volkswagen van.  My favorite songs included Richie Valence’s La bamba, anything by the Beatles, and most songs by the Beach Boys.  It was great.  This phase lasted for about a year and then I moved on.


This was a top-40 format radio station I listened to from about sixth grade until my family moved to Atlanta.  I am ashamed to say I ever listened to this kind of radio station for any period of time.  I have since repented and will never commit this sin again.

101 KUFO

This was the hard rock station I listened to when I was listening to when I was in the eighth grade.  They included bands like Metalica, Led Zeppelin, and Nirvana.  Had my family stayed in Portland, this would have been the station my dial would have been fixed to.  But alas, that was not to be.

Kicks 101.5 and Y106.7

When my family moved to Atlanta I had a hard time finding a new radio station.  I had not totally given myself over to any of the popular genres of the time and, to the surprise, went through a phase where I listened to country music.  This phase lasted for about six months and then came to an end.  Now I cannot abide modern country.  I like the classics like Johnny Cash and others but am not a fan of any contemporary country music or, more accurately what tries to pass itself off as country music.

92.9 and 96 Rock

During the fall of 1997 something happened that would forever alter the course of my life.  I heard Pink Floyd for the first time.  Pink Floyd was my gateway into classic rock and roll.  The alternative music station, 99.7 or 99x, left much to be desired.  Both classic rock stations had a different format.  92.9 tended to play more southern rock and stuff by bands like .38 Special, Tom Petty, and others I can’t recall at this time.  96 Rock played a combination of modern rock and classic rock.  They played lots of Floyd and Zeppelin.  They remained my favorite for a long time.  Sadly that station went off the air.


Okay, I could not stand this one when I was in high school but around the time I started working at Brookwood in 2005, this became my favorite.  They played a good mix of new rock and what they called 90s alternative.  Their morning show was really entertaining.  My favorite thing about this station was Sunday morning program Organic x which played lots of acoustic songs and indie rock bands like the Decemberists.  Like other Atlanta radio stations, this one bit the dust shortly after I moved to Provo.  I don’t know why.  Probably bad management because this station was very popular.

96.3 X96

Since moving to Utah, this has become about the only station that I listen to.  I mostly enjoy their Radio From Hell morning show.  It is very funny and my only source for news.  Yeah, I know it sounds bad, but these days I just want to have a good laugh.

So there you go.  My favorite radio stations.


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