Posted by: rusch | September 27, 2009

The Game

Tina and I went to the BYU v.s Colorado State game. BYU won which helped to assuage the running wounds from last week’s blowout to FSU. While some have sought to exonerate BYU for that loss, I believe FSU is simply the better the team and let everyone know it. Their athleticism is incredible and I hope they go far this season.

Carter got his mission call but I will leave it to him to announce to family and friends where he is headed.

The call arrived Thursday afternoon in Idaho Falls. Mom and Dad Davis drove down with Casey on Friday to open it with the family living in throughout Utah County. It was exciting, fun, and, oh yes, Tina cried. That’s what she does and it is cute.

My ESL practicum began last week. I am so glad it has turned out to be so much more laid back than anything I did for the special education program I finished last spring. It is great to simply show up, do my thing, have fun with the kids, and then take off an hour and one half later. It’s great and I love the kids I get to work with.

Speaking of work, things are going well. I have a great group kids though they can get kind of rambunctious. I think my staff and I sent a message to them on Thursday and things have been much better since. We will see if this lasts, but it was nice to see an improvement on Friday.

Next week we are going to another home game. Casey will be coming to Provo to hang out with Carter starting on Wednesday. Tina and I will pick him sometime on Wednesday night. Well, either Colby or us will pick him up. One way or another Casey will get to Provo without hitchhiking.

I know there is really nothing profound in all this, this is simply what is going on in my life and I thought that I would share it with anyone interested.



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