Posted by: rusch | February 27, 2009

Random facts about me


I like bad movies.  There are times when a movie is so bad it is good.  Some examples include, but are not limited to “Red Dawn”, “The Black Hole”, “Flash Gordon” (Queen did the soundtrack for this one), and “The Monster Squad”.  All of them deserve watching because they cross the threshold from being merely a bad movie to beings works of art.  Someday, I will watch Ed Wood’s classic “Plan 9 from Outer Space”.


99.9572% (with +/- .o2 percent margin of error) of all the books I read are non-fiction.  There are some books that are exceptions within the last year such as “The Da Vinci Code”, “The Things They Carried”, and “World War Z”.  Most of the time, however, I am some thick tome (an exaggeration) on LDS Church History.  Why just the other day I made a list of Church history books I want to read in the next year.  We will see if I get through them all.  My guess is probably not.


I am a foodie and collect cookbooks.  I conquered the barbeque and now want to take on the Crock Pot as I love slow cooked foods.  Hopefully someone will give Tina and I one as a wedding present.


When I was in the scouts, I used to be afraid of forrest fires.  One summer our troop went to Scout Camp during a week of severe forest fire warnings near Mount Hood.  I must admit that I was afraid of having to leave all my new camping stuff behind to what ended up being non-existent flames.

Quirky Habits:

It takes me quite a while to get out of bed in the morning.  My alarm goes off at 6:45am but I am rarely out of bed before 7:15am.  I like having that time to adjust to being awake though it makes me late to work almost every day.


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