Posted by: rusch | November 6, 2008

Allow me to be political for a minute

It’s funny how I have come full circle.  When I began bloggin back in 2004, all I wrote about was politics.  In those four years, I became very disenchanted with the major political parties in this country.  I realized just how bad they both are and grew weary of choosing the lesser of two evils and winding up with evil in the end.  So here I am blogging about politics.  Maybe next time I will discuss religion.  Who knows?

Here are my thoughts on what happened last night.  The Republicans blew it.  Over the past eight years they have systematically undone everything everyone did to help put them in power.  If they would have stuck to promises made during the conservative revolution of the 90’s, conservatives would still have the majority in the house and senate.  But sadly many of the those conservatives turned out to be tax and spend big government politicians in conservative clothing.  They ran insane deficits and brought spending to an all time new high all while not taking care of business in Iraq (Why wasn’t there a troop surge sooner?).

I will let Neal Boortz express my thoughts on George W. Bush.

Thanks, George Bush. Thanks for your spectacular lack of leadership on issues of spending and big government over the past two terms. You get all the credit in the world for keeping America safe from another terrorist attack … but when a president signs a bill he thinks is unconstitutional (McCain-Feingold) just because he thinks the Supreme Court will straighten things out; and when a president introduces grand new entitlement programs (Medicare drug benefits) and fails to veto even one pork-laden spending bill … well, the result is an uninspired electorate and … Barack Obama.

I’ll leave it at that and then move on.

However bad things might seem, there is hope.  Maybe eight years of Obama will bring a new power to the table in American politics?  Perhaps the implosion of the Republican party will see a new party rise from the ashes, a party committed to the ideas of fiscal responsibility and protecting our freedoms.  Maybe the Libertarians will save the day?

We can only work, wait, and see.



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