Posted by: rusch | October 14, 2008


Good News this morning

  • I came to school to find out we were going to have an early out because the weekly core team meeting was shifted to Mondays for everyone on the children’s unit.  This was nice.  It meant that I only had to prep for an hour of instruction after lunch as opposed to two hours which is a relief when you are a first year teacher.

Got the Oil Changed

  • It was long overdue.  I should changed the oil in August but never got around to it.  Now that the economy has headed south, I am thinking more and more about car maintenance and taking care of my care so it will last a long time.  I highly recommend Oil Rig on Freedom blvd.  They promise it will be done in ten minutes or ten percent off and their prices are reasonable to begin with.

Started Reading a New Book

  • Maraget Barker has been on my mind ever since listening to a recording of a BYU forum where she discussed changes in temple Jewish temple worship throughout the ages.  I picked up her book Temple Themes in Christian Worship and think it’s great.

Finished Second Hand Lions

  • TIna and I finished watching Second Hand Lions and thought it was great.  Tina is a good person to watch movies with.

Well, it is off to bed.


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