Posted by: rusch | October 5, 2008

How to deal with Mondays

Sunday’s are bitter sweet.  I enjoy going to Church in the mornings, visiting with my girlfriend, and generally relaxing and taking it easy.  But as the day wears on, I become more and more aware that Monday and work are getting closer and closer.  Here are some thoughts of how to deal with this.

You could call in sick.  This will work one or two times before your boss will become wise to what you are doing.  This might cost you your employment which is bad, but on the other hand means you will not have to worry about Mondays for a while, which is good.

Another alternative is to grit your teeth and take Monday head on much the same way someone might pull an aching tooth in the garage with a pair of pliers.  As painful as this might be, at least you are dealing with the problem.  However, this presents a problem.  What do you do once you have run out of teeth or pliers?

The option I like the best is go to work but not overload yourself as you transition from the weekend to the workweek.  By this I mean that in handling Mondays, you do what needs to be done but get into big projects and to do lists in Tuesdays.

I am hopeful that someday I will never have to go work again or will work at things I really want to do.  I am saving now so that I can someday retire and do whatever I want to do on any day of the week.

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