Posted by: rusch | September 30, 2008

Working and Going to School

Shortly after coming home from my mission, I took a job working at glass plant.  On average, I worked fifty-five to sixty hour a week, sometimes more.  I will never forget a couple of choice days when I punched in at seven in the morning and did not punch out until midnight (That was crazy).

I think a big reason why I stayed in school was because I didn’t want twelve hour days, with little to no vacation, to be a constant reality for me.  I knew there was way out and that way was college.

Well, I now have a career and I love it.  Sadly I am working just as many hours as I was working when I was at the plant.  I am confident, though, that this too shall pass and once I have established some good work habits for my job, will be able to leave earlier than I am staying now.

Yeah, things are going well.  Things will be going better after seeing Tina tonight!


  1. Working and going to school at the same time is very tough! I am with you on that! But we will make it through! You are the best!

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