Posted by: rusch | August 14, 2008

I love U2

I really do. But we have to be just friends (Doesn’t that phrase suck).

There are entire catalogs of some bands I love. Anything by R.E.M., Led Zep, and Skynnard is great. I love it.

Then there are certain phases, or eras, bands went through that I really enjoy. For Pink Floyd, anything from Dark Side of the Moon onward is great including the recent stuff David Gilmour is coming out with (It will satisfy your Floyd Fix).

I have recently rediscovered U2. It wasn’t like they were lost, or I had forgotten who they were, I simply stumbled upon an era when I consider their music to be pure. Back when they were a rough rock band from Ireland.

If you are tired with the over produced stuff they have been coming out with since Bono only knows when, you should check out Boy and War. These are great albums. Every song is a winner and captures a hungry passion many artists lose as time goes by or they experience the kind of fame U2 has.

Get online or go to your favorite Best Buy and pick these up. You will not be disappointed.


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