Posted by: rusch | July 28, 2008

Thoughts on being young and single and life

This month’s Ensign is devoted to young single adults. I had some thoughts related to what was in the article.

  • Achievement is attractive. Most people I know want people in their lives who are going places and working towards goals such as owning a home, having a stable career where they are gainfully employed, and at some point, having a family. I went out with a girl and thought she was cute until she said that since she graduated from High school she had not been up to much, and she had been out for almost ten years.

  • Take care of yourself. A friend of mine had a heart attack six months ago. As I was talking to his son about it, I was able to infer that his father (my friend) had not been active on a consistent basis since his late twenties. The combination of poor diet and lack of exercise put him in the hospital with a heart attack. Sacrifice your Lost, internet, T.V., or Face Book time to get out and be active.

  • Take responsibility for you own spirituality. I have no problems with going to Church for three hours on Sunday because I do not put all my eggs in that basket when it comes to meeting my spiritual needs. Reading the scriptures, going to the temple, reading good books, and, among other things, listening to what I consider sacred music keeps my spiritual cup running over. So if Church is a dud, there are plenty of things I can turn to satisfy my needs. These days I like going to Church to be amongst people who have similar religious beliefs and to serve others.

  • As much as possible, be positive. There are many things which I find unpleasant. Among them are people who have a negative outlook on life. When someone sees nothing good in the world and frequently comments on how bad things are, I am inclined to not want to spend much time with them. I am not by any means saying that people should walk through life wearing rose colored glasses or with a “Poly Anna” attitude, but at the least are able to recognize there are good people, good experiences, and many other good things in the world worth being a part of.

  • Acknowledge God’s unconditional love and regard for self and others. I think some Mormons are mistaken when they say God’s love is conditional. Attempts to say so turn out to be classic straw man arguments which after careful consideration and a cursory reading of the scriptures turn out to be false. The fact is that God’s love is unconditional though certain blessings are conditional. In fact, trying to say God loves some people and doesn’t love others violates Jesus’ commandment to “judge not”. Seeing people this way helps me treat them the way I would want to be treated.

That about wraps it up for now. Is there anything you would like to add? If you do, feel free to say so in the comments below.


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