Posted by: rusch | July 16, 2008

T.V. And Me

T.V. And Me

Here’s what i am watching and why.
Ghost Hunters:  This show is high comedy.  All that work for what very well could be the ice maker cycling.
Law and Order:  Someone at TNT and A&E must really like this show because it is on all the time.  Literally, all the time.  I can’t think of a time of day when Jack McCoy isn’t trying a case on cable.  This leads me to ask, if no one sees it, does Jack get the bad guy in the end?
Gangland:  The history channel is great and this series is awesome.  It chronicles of the history of major gangs in America.  
The Cleaner:  Interesting premise.  A former drug addict helps others get clean by dragging them off the street and throwing them into rehab.  I watched the first episode tonight and want to see more.
The Venture Brothers:  Really funny.  I grew up on Johnny Quest reruns and am overjoyed someone decided to do a parody.
So what are you watching.  Maybe we should all stop watching t.v. and read a book!


  1. I don’t watch TV on TV but I do watch the shows on the internet. Right now I am watching LOST. Can I say addiction? Very compelling show in my opinion. But you have to watch it from the first episode and can’t really skip ones in between.

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