Posted by: rusch | July 8, 2008

My first formal observation

My first formal observation might be tomorrow.  I am not nervous about it, at least right now.  That might change the second Dr. Smith enters the classroom and I am under the microscope.  

So far the summer student teaching through BYU has been great.  I have learned so much and have feel like I am a better person for doing this.  If there is one thing I could change, it would be the law class I have to take on top of what is already a massive load.  Putting in about eight hours at the school and then spending three hours in class in the evenings is not my idea of fun, especially when I am not to fond of the teacher I have in the evenings.
From about three to four I will be looking over reading directives and then I will be working on research for my law class.  If I had to choose between the law class and any number of mildly unpleasant things, I would choose the possibility of being slightly annoyed.
All in all things are going very well.  I am so going to nail my first formal tomorrow!


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