Posted by: rusch | July 1, 2008

Sharing the Gospel using the Internet

The world changed while I was on my mission in California.  Within a couple of days of being home, I felt like Michael J. Fox’s character when he got out of the Delorian to find himself in the future.  The Internet was the biggest wonder that affected my life.

The Church has had an interesting love/hate relationship with the net.  According to Marcus Martins, prior to the launch of, there was very little, if anything, positive being said about the internet in Church forums such as Area and General Conference.  But once the Church launched its’ websites, the tune about the net has changed.  And I think it is a very good thing.

There is so much good on the internet.  There are so many talks available through and the BYU Speeches site that I might never have to go back to Church again.  With FARMS, Dialogue, Sunstone, and FAIR constantly posting stuff to their websites there is more than enough for me to satisfy my Mormon studies bug.  The current state of the for Mormons is like being at a large buffet where you could not possibly sample even a spoon of everything.

I think using blogs to share the Gospel is a great idea.  I have decide to take Elder Ballard’s advice and use my blog to share the Gospel with others.




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