Posted by: rusch | May 27, 2008

Panning for Gold

I went panning for gold today. It was my first time. I think next time will grow out my beard, wear a flannel shirt, and carry a double barreled shotgun to keep people of my claim. From all of my research (John Wayne movies) that is what you need to properly pan for gold. Seriously it was great. My brother and I went to the Uinta National Forrest. It was beautiful.

Our little excursion also gave me the opportunity to put my Gore-Tex boot to the test. I literally stood in the middle of stream and feet stayed completely dry. If you are going to buy hiking boots, I strongly recommend you spend the extra cash and pick some boots with Gore-Tex lining.

Being in the mountains reminded me of how much I like living in Utah. I am definitely going to do some major camping and hiking soon. I love the outdoors. I love it so much that I am going to walk to work.

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