Posted by: rusch | May 24, 2008

Movies and books

There Will Be Blood is a great movie.  I like the character Daniel Day Lewis, but I don’t like Eli Sunday.  He reminds of an Appalachian snake handler and creeps me out whenever I see him on screen.

Last week I watched the latest addition to the Rambo series and thought it was just okay.  The violence was way over the top.

Sometime this weekend I am going to see the new Indiana Jones movie.  I have heard good things from Roger Ebert and Jeff Vice of the Deseret News.  Though I am not a huge fan of Ebert, the combination of his and Vice’s review have me excited about the final installment in the Indiana Jones series.  I am happy that this movie will not ruin the franchise the way Lucas ruined Star Wars with his prequels.

I finished reading the Nibley biography by Boyd Petersen.  It is a great book.  If you have a chance, check it out.

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