Posted by: rusch | May 24, 2008

An Idiot on ESPN

For the first time in a few years, I have been caught up in the excitement of the NBA playoffs.  Because I love basketball and am a sucker for nostalgia, I hope the Lakers and the Celtics will face off in this year’s championship.  Though the Pistons are up two games on the Celtics, I am hopeful the boys in green will be able to defeat the Motor City’s team and then go on to the finals.

As I was watching ESPN this morning, I was surprised at what one of the commentators was saying about the Celtics.  He was going on and on about how if the Celtics won the title, they would not deserve it.  He said they have not played well enough to prove they are truly a championship and if they do win, he will be unconvinced of their status as this year’s best team.

I think this guy is a moron.  I followed NBA basketball from the time I was eleven until I turned twenty.  Every year, the title went to the team who won four out of the seven games of the NBA finals.  Sometimes there were surprises and upsets, but it was always the case that the team who scored more points once the buzzer sounded to end the fourth quarter won the game.  It is that simple.

I wonder how if the Celtics win the championship this year their status as NBA champs will be questionable.  If after they win their fourth game in that series will David Stern come out and say,

“After carefully reviewing the tapes, we have decided that you did not play well enough to be considered champions.  Therefore this year’s championship will go to the Toronto Raptors”.

Or maybe Stern will meet the team at center court and inform the Celtics they were “Champions-“, sort of an A- for the NBA.  The “Champions-” trophy would be slightly smaller than the regular trophy and would prominently feature a big minus symbol under the word Champions.  The rings that go along with this title would be slightly smaller, have fewer diamonds, and turn your finger green if you wore it for too long.

It’s no wonder that some coaches and players alike despise the press.  After listening to this guy and other commentators I am beginning to wonder if Bobby Knight was correct in saying members of the press had chosen a profession just slightly more honorable than prostitution.

In any event whoever wins this year will be remembered as the team who won it all in 2008 and the analyst who made the asinine  comments this morning will be forgotten.  So with that I say, go Celtics.

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