Posted by: rusch | February 13, 2008

New Order

Just prior to their U.S. tour, and possible stardom, Joy Division frontman, Ian Curtis, spiraled out of control and committed suicide, hanging himself.  The surviving members of the band stuck together, brought a new member into the band, and pressed forward as New Order.  New Order went on to enjoy both commercial and critical success and became one of “the” bands of the 80’s.  They would also be a strong influence of a lot of my favorites these days.

Thou you may not have heard the name, you have probably heard the songs.  Here are some of the my favorites from New Order plus Radiohead cover of their (New Order’s) song ceremony that is quite good.

Here is True Faith

Here is Radiohead covering Ceremony.


  1. No mention of Bizarre Love Triangle? That’s got to be their biggest hit!

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