Posted by: rusch | February 11, 2008

Joy Division

If you like bands like Interpol, Editors, The Killers, and Bloc Party, you should be aware that all of these bands were heavily influenced by Joy Division and New Order.

From the ashes of punk rock in the late seventies arose post punk and new wave. Among these bands was Joy Division. Musically, Joy Division were pioneers. For those who cut their teeth on the hi-fi recordings of the past twenty years, Joy Division will be a jolt to the system. But, once you get past the low quality of the recording, they are well worth it. If you can’t get past it, you should check out the bands already mentioned. New Order is worth checking out too.

I have also heard really good things about the biopic centering around Ian Curtis’ years with the band and eventual suicide. I will watch it sometime soon.

Chris out.


  1. I don`t think the Joy Division recordings are particularly low quality. Some of the tracks have a rough and ready feel about them, but most of the album tracks are of a high quality, and indeed, incorporate some pretty innovative recording techniques.

  2. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate Joy Division. As a band, they were ground breaking were rather innovative. I recall reading that members of the band were not altogether pleased with how their records sounded. I recall that they disappointed that the guitars lacked the edginess of their live performances. One thing that I do like is that Ian’s vocals are consistent on the albums and their live performances. If there were no Joy Division, there would have been no New Order and hence no Killers, Interpol, Editors, etc. etc. One cannot downplay the impact they had, especially on independent music. It is truly tragic that Ian died when he did. Who knows what they would have been able to do if he lived longer.

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