Posted by: rusch | February 8, 2008

The Clone Wars

I just read that there is an animated Star Wars series in the works.  Today a kid in my class showed me a trailer for the new series during his free time.  After looking at the action sequences and the CGI rendering, I must say, that my interest was piqued.  I want to see this if it ever makes it to T.V. or DVD.  I prefer DVD because it allows me the freedom to watch it whenever or forever how long my time allows without being bound to whenever it airs.

Even though the most recent Star Wars films were wanting, I am still a fan.  Return of the Jedi was one the first movies my parents took me to and for that matter, one of the first movies I ever saw.  To this day, the story of my response to this film lives in collective consciousness of the Rusch family.

This biggest problem I saw with the prequels was that George Lucas wrote and directed the movies.  Lucas is a great ideas man.  He’s the kind of guy you wanting thinking things up and having the big picture or vision of what something should be.  But you don’t want him involved in the actual execution.  This was the problem that I saw with the prequels, Lucas should have turned it over to a competent director and talented screenwriters and then providing the seal of approval throughout the process.

I will most likely never read any of the novels that are part of the Star Wars brand.  I don’t read many novels, and most of the Star Wars novel spinoffs them seem to have little redeeming value. 

So once again, Lucas has given me something to look forward to.  And from I have seen so far, he is nowhere to be found in the execution of The Clone Wars.

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