Posted by: rusch | January 26, 2008

The NRSV experiment

Last night I did something out of the norm.  I left my KJV at home and went to my institute class, taught my none other than Robert Millett, with NRSV and my triple.  I was pleasantly surprise at what happened.

At one point during the class, Bro. Millett began reading and interpreting some passages from Paul’s epistles.  The first thing that caught my attention was when he mentioned point made by other translations that better explained the condescension of Christ in a way that the KJV does not.  I was pleased that the NRSV had what Millett was talking about that was not in the KJV.

The next thing that I found significant was how interpreting had to be done to get the message of the KJV across.  There were the words, then the translation from English used circa 1611 into modern terms, and then explanation.  As I followed along in my NRSV as the class read, I found that it said the same thing without any “translation”.

Frankly I prefer the NRSV and love reading it.  I love reading a Bible that I can understand but attempts to preserve the sanctity that should be in a reputable Bible translation.

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