Posted by: rusch | December 27, 2007

Reading Update

I set an impossible goal for Christmas break. I committed to reading nine books in nine days. I thought back to when I was in middle school and would knock out a novel in day and believed that I would be able to do the same now. But I have discovered that this is not the case.

The books that I read are really dense. They take quite some effort to understand and unlike a good Dan Brown novel are not quick reads. If I finish Leonard Arrington’s book about Brigham Young and one other, I will consider myself lucky.

Well, that is about it. Merry Christmas



  1. Yeah. I used to be able to read a book a day, too. Now I’m doing good if I can get through a 300-plus page novel in two or three days. And a really substantial non-fiction book…forget it.

    It’s really frustrating, but most of it has to do with having adult, real-life responsibilities and with the fact that my poor old eyes can’t take sitting and reading for hours at a time the way they used to be able to.

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