Posted by: rusch | September 25, 2007

Bob Dylan

Liking the Sixties when it is not cool to like the Sixties


Chris Rusch

I borrowed Martin Scorsese’s No Direction Home: Bob Dylan and have found that I really like Bob Dylan. Not in the in trendy, “I am into sixties”, way that some of high school classmates were, but in a kind of, “I really like this guy’s music”, kind of way.

For a while I though that I did not like Bob Dylan. I thought that he was overrated. But after watching this film, I find that I am saying to myself, “This is perhaps one of the best musicians that I have heard in a long, long, time”.

If you get a chance to watch this amazing documentary, I suggest that you take advantage of it. You will not regret it. You shoul get one of Dylan’s greatest hits cd’s circa the late 1960’s or 1970’s.

You might even have a spiritual experience or two ☺


  1. Hey you! Haven’t heard much from you lately! Are you coming home for Christmas? Can’t wait to see you! Joe just left this week … crazy crazy … It’s a relief though, after all the anticipation and anxiety about him leaving, he’s actually gone and I can just miss him because he’s gone, not because I know he’s leaving. Hard to explain, but there you have it …

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