Posted by: rusch | September 3, 2007


During sacrament meeting I spent the hour reading from the copy of the NRSV (New Revised Standard Version) of the bible.

For those who do not know, the NRSV is one of many biblical translations. Here are the reasons for the choosing the NRSV over other translations and preferring it to the King James (KJV) that is used commonly used among English speaking members of the Church.

• The NRSV does not rely on the Textus Receptus, otherwise known as the received text. From what I have read, the translators used manuscripts that were not available in 1611. These manuscripts are earlier then those in translating the KJV and are probably more accurate.

• The translation team was made up of more then one hundred scholars representing Orthodox, Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish traditions. Because of this, NRSV is less likely to contain the doctrinal biases of that are contained in translations such as the NIV or NASB.

• The NRSV using modern English grammar and verbs, eliminating the difficulty of understanding the text.

• Also it is fun to compare the translations. So far I have not found any serious inconsistencies between the KJV and the NRSV. In fact reading the NRSV has helped better understand and appreciate the KJV.

So if anyone in the process of choosing a version of the Bible, I strongly recommend the NRSV. If my funds allow, I will also be purchasing my own copy of the Revised English Bible (REB). I have heard good things about it and am excited to check it out.


  1. I married into an old RSV, and I love it. Back in the Ancient Days, when I was teaching gospel doctrine, I prepped from the RSV and the KJV rendered some aspects of the text entirely differently. “Dungeon” vs. “cistern.” The class kept referring to the dungeon, and I had no idea what they were talking about, until I looked up the refernce in the KJV. It threw me, and I used the KJV for prep ever after.

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