Posted by: rusch | August 31, 2007

Top books that I have recently read

Top ten books that I have read

As I am always voraciously reading, this list will change as I encounter new titles.

1) Richard Bushman: Joseph Smith Rough Stone Rolling
This is by far the best and most complete picture of the Prophet. The great thing about this book is that Bushman does not ignore or gloss over tough issues in the life of Joseph Smith.

2) Thomas Friedman: From Beirut to Jerusalem.
If anyone wants to gain a better understanding of the modern Middle East, this is the book for you. A much more subtle part of this book is Friedman’s own spiritual journey as worked as correspondent in Beirut and Jerusalem for over a decade.

3) Hugh Nibley: Temple and Cosmos
Brother Nibley at his finest.

4) Andrew Kimball: Lengthen Your Stride
President Spencer W. Kimball was one of the most influential presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Anyone wanting a “Richard Bushman” like perspective on the presidency of this great man, needs to read this book.

5) Andrew Kimball: Spencer W. Kimball
Perhaps the best book ever written about a Church president. Andrew Kimball’s access to his father’s personal correspondence and the journals he kept for the most of his life have been used to create a biography that is on par with what Bushman’s biography of Joseph Smith.

So if you have the time, or a distraction from things that you need to do get done, these are some great books.

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