Posted by: rusch | August 7, 2007

FAIR conference report

On Friday I attended the annual FAIR (Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research) in Sandy Utah. I was not sure what to expect but was really impressed. The speakers were really high caliber intellects and gave excellent presentations.

I can appreciate how much work it takes to not only gather the information but to also synthesize so that the presentation is both informative and interesting.

FAIR is something that I am definitely going to get involved in.

On Sunday I team taught gospel doctrine class in Sunday school. Team teaching is something I have never done before. I prefer to go last because I tend to over prepare and could very easily infringe on the other teacher’s time.

I have mixed feelings about the lesson. It seemed that some of the questions I asked slammed up against the brick wall that can be your audience in quorums and classes. As the lesson progressed, the class participated more and more and as a whole, things went well. I need to keep in mind the student’s zone of proximal development when preparing and coming up with questions for the class.

Well, Sunstone is this weekend. I have never been before but figured that since it is free for students it is worth checking out for at least one day. Who knows, I might get into an argument with someone 😛

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