Posted by: rusch | July 4, 2007

Podcasts: The soul in depression

I have struggled directly with depression for the better part of ten years. This almost decade long struggle has been marked with victories and defeats, both major and minor, leading up to a life changing experience working with the Church’s young people last summer. In working with them my optimism, energy, and general vitality was recaptured over a five week period. Even a year later, my outlook has been significantly effected by that experience.

Depression, especially among the Latter-day Saints, is often misunderstood. This misunderstanding sometimes leads to unkind, and hurtful action borne of misinformation of a disease towards those of us who wrestle with these disorders.

Over the past few years, I have noticed a gradual change in attitude towards those who struggle with emotional problems as average Latter-day Saints have come forward to deal with their disorders not through prayer and righteous living, but by also taking advantage of medical treatment in the form of talking therapies and medications designed to combat the biological aspects of what can be a chronic disease.

But I have found that if you are able to come out of the dark tunnel, life is illuminated in a way that it was not before the struggles began. You gain a sense of gratitude and mindfulness of the simple beauties of life and nature that please the senses and give vitality and energy to the soul.

I hope, that you will enjoy this podcast as much as I have. And that if you struggle with depression, it will give you hope that things can be better and if you do not, that you will gain compassion and understanding for your brothers and sisters who struggle with something that they themselves sometimes don’t fully understand.

Click the player below to hear the Soul in depression.

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