Posted by: rusch | June 18, 2007


Of all the books of the Old Testament, there are two that I have found unenjoyable. The first book is the book of Numbers. Truth be told, I skipped most of it, reading only the chapter headings. The second book tha has required some serious wading through has been Jeremiah.

Jeremiah and Isaiah are two books with the same message that are written differently. Isaiah, in the sublimest poetry, talks about how because of apostasy, the kingdoms of Judah and Israel will be thrown down, the people scattered, and that at a future time that the entire family of Israel will be gathered back to the promised lands of their inheritance. Isaiah does this with compelling imagery and a litterary style that is most apealling. On the other hand, Jeremiah’s message is that Judah will be overthrown and then regathered because they have broken the covenant made with God when the entered the promised land, but at a future time they will be gathered as is stated previously in Isaiah.

While the two books have a very similar message, I find Isaiah much more enjoyable and Jeremiah tedious. In fact I would have finished the Old Testament by now had I not ran into the “Jeremiah wall”.

Oh well, I will press forward. The Old Testament will all be over soon. The books following Jeremiah are short, and rather interesting if I remember correctly. It will be good to finish this standard work and move on to the New Testament.

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