Posted by: rusch | June 12, 2007

Like sharks with blood in the water

I hate salesmen. This may sound like strong language, but it is true, I cannot stand people who are trying to sell me stuff. What I can’t bear are the methods those in sales try to use to get met o make a purchase which will line their pockets with a fat commission. This is why I am a big fan of places like Wal-Mart and websites like Amazon and E-bay, where you do not have to interact with what I consider to be subset of society one step lower then pimps and crack dealers.

Yesterday I had an experience that only served to strengthen my general dislike of those in sales.

I was on my way out of one of the malls here in Provo after having signing up for what I think is great cell phone plan (no contract, unlimieted minutes all the time, unlimited text messaging and so forth). On the way out I was accosted by the filth that run one of the cellular stores there. Now if a salesman sees that you have purchased services from a competitor, one of their methods is to attempt to make you feel stupid, like you had been taken for ride by the other guy so that you will buy, or in this case, sign up for whatever they are selling. For instance they tried to convince me that I had gotten ripped off by my service provider and that they had a much better deal going that I needed to sign up for. Thankfully I have had enough bad experiences with Verizon and Cingular, I think that the slime was representing one of the two, to know that they are not the best deal around.

Here are my reasons for blowing them off and going about my day.

1)Verizon, Cingular, T-mobile, all of the major cell phone companies have contracts associated with their services. They also offer month to month plans, but these are usually just a ploy to get you to sell your soul to the contracted plan they offer, all in the name of better service, free phones, and bubble gum pie. What they do not want you to realize is that if at any point you are not satisfied with their service, it is very expensive to break what is usually no less then a two year contract. Think about it, having to shell out money every month for something that you do not like so that you will not have to pay the bigger fee that comes with ending said service altogether.

2)The big cellular providers probably make a good portion of their money from people going over on their plans. Sure, they will lure you in with promises of free nights and weekends only to downplay the fact that if you go over on your minutes, there are serious penalties to be paid. My family learned this lesson when my youngest brother would go over on his minutes in our family plan talking to his girlfriend. On a couple of months our bill was over four hundred dollars because the lovesick doofus lost tack of time while speaking to his beloved via a wonder of the modern age.

And besides, free nights and weekends, who wants to only be able to use their phone then? It is in the end annoying to realize that you cannot use your phone when you want to, how you want to.

So the next time a recently returned missionary tries to use the committment pattern to get you buy something, just give them a swift kick to the groin to bring them back to reality and make them realize that this is not Guatemala, and you are not going to be pressured into doing anything.


  1. I sooo feel your pain. Been there, done that. And I learned that bubble gum pie is not nearly as good tasting as advertised.

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