Posted by: rusch | June 8, 2007

How did this happen?

I took a quiz at, a website where you can take quizes on almost everything. A little while ago, took a quiz to classify my religious philosophy. What I found interesting was that Atheism and Buddhism were so close, while the Christian classification was the last when I consider myself to be a believer in the divinity of Jesus.

I thought it was interesting.

Here is how I scored, and here is a link (click the word link) to take the same quiz. Let me know what you are.


Are you Atheist, Buddhist, Pagan, or Christian?
created with


  1. This is what I scored:

    You scored as Christian, You scored as a Christian! You have accepted Jesus, and believe that He will guide you through the good and bad things life can bring. Others may call your beliefs naive, but don’t listen to them. Be proud of your religion! And don’t be afraid to tell your pastor his sermon was AWESOME. But also try to be a wee bit more supportive of other religions, for one of the Commandments was “Love thy Neighbor”.
    **Please rate!**Christian63% Pagan38% Buddhist34% Atheist13% Are you Atheist, Buddhist, Pagan, or Christian?created with

  2. Wow! Less Christian than anything else on the list. You do march to the beat of your own drummer, but I would have not guessed less Christan than anything. Still, that was a pretty stupid quiz. It’s questions were pretty specific stuff that people know about religious tenets. Had they asked questions more on basic theology and not established church dogma, it might have been more revealing for me.

    P.S. I was very Christian.

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