Posted by: rusch | June 5, 2007

American Gospel

I started reading this book last week and have loved it. For quite some time I have been interested in the religious beliefs of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, along with Abraham Lincoln and other prominent Americans who could be considered the founders of the nation (why I consider Lincoln a founder is whole different post).

American Gospel has given me an insightful look into why the freedom of religion is absolutely essential for America to work because freedom of religion is the freedom of thought, the freedom to truely define who we are as individuals. Combined with the freedom of speech and you have the makings for something that you do not find in most places throughout the world. There is power in those two freedoms unlike any of the other freedoms gaurunteed under the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

At their core, the Bill of Rights and Constitution are religious documents. The founders often commented that the had of providence was in those documents that would become the foundation of America. I am emphatic, though, in letting people know that the God, or “Providence”, mentioned often by the founders is a very different idea from what the late Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson think it should be. On the other hand, as Jefferson saw it, the separation of church and state is nothing like what modern secularists and atheists of today think it should mean.

If you are looking for a deeper understanding of what God meant to the founders, and other prominent leaders up until the present, then this book is for you.

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