Posted by: rusch | June 5, 2007

Google Docs and my blogging

I have been conducting an experiment using Google Docs and Spreadsheats as the canvass for my blogging. From the beginning, I would type out posts in M.S. Word and then copy, paste, and publish them through my blogging service. It was a couple of weeks ago that I discovered that it was possible to post things directly from Google Docs directly to my own little space on the web. Doing this has made me think about a number of things, especially the future of technology.

A couple of weeks ago I downloaded Open Office for my Windows pc. Doing this was motivated by purely financial reasons, ie. Open Office is free. After using it a couple of times before going on my international tour, I was surprised that other then some minor differences, Open Office works just as well. If you are looking in to purchasing office software, I highly reccomend that you download and start using Open Office.

On thing that I enjoy about bloggin via through Google Docs is that it has many fo the features of Word that I love, but has me sold on blogging this way is that not matter where I am, so long as I have access to an internet connection, I can blog. This has proved especially helpful since I have been in Greece the past week and decided to leave my iBook at home. I think that I will continue to blog this way for some time because it is in my view, the way to go.


  1. Open office is great. I share it with everybody. Make sure you go to the settings and change it so the format it saves in is Microsoft compatible by default. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

    Also, I recently got a copy of the new Microsoft office suite (2007) and it is great. Its different from the previous versions and better than Open Office. It’s expensive, so I’m all about Open Office, but if you can get a student price or are part of an employee purchasing program (which I get through my job) then it’s worth the $20 or so to pick it up. Now that you are a student, I recomend you look into the price break you could get. It’s worth it.

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