Posted by: rusch | June 4, 2007

The Agora and western civilization

Today I went to the agora in Athens. The agora was the center of everything in ancient Athens. What is most important to me, is that Socrates, Aristotle, and Paul, three people from antiquity that I admire, all at some point walked those grounds, and gave their respective messages. Tomorrow we are going to the supposed Mars Hill otherwise known as Aeropagus where Paul gave his sermon on the unknown God in the book of Acts. We were going to travel to Corinth, but decided not to because it was going to cost around four hundred Euros. There is so much to see in Athens anyways.

One thing that I discovered was that when the Romans invaded they defaced many statues, and when the Turks invaded during WWI they blew up the Parthenon which had stood intact for over two thousand years. It is a shame that such things survive the elements for thousands of years only to be defaced by man. I know that this is not the same, but I was really sad when the last original building on Ricks College campus was torn down to make way for a new, ultra modern version of the same building. I don’t care what anyone in the administration said at the time, tearing down the Spori was bad. I am disappointed that Rexburg did not have the building declared a historical landmark in order to preserve the pioneer spirit that you could not help but feel every time you walked past it.

The thing that stood out most was how much we owe the Greeks. Our government, our economy, our philosophy, and many other things are the result of people who lived thousands of years ago. As I was looking over ruined columns and stones that lay about, I could not help but think this “is” western civilization.


  1. Correction about the Parthenon: it wasn’t blown up during WWI, but in 1687, when it was hit by a Venetian cannon ball, detonating the Turkish ammunition stored inside.

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