Posted by: rusch | May 29, 2007

Back in the USSR

I have been in Russia for a almost a week and experienced some highs and lows. 

Visiting my brother’s friends in Veronezh, a major city three hundred miles south of Moscow, was by far the thing that I will remember most from this trip.  The Kunitzosovas are wonderful people.  So are the members of the small branch they attend.  As it turns out two members are moving to Utah around the same time that I will be and we are going to get together once we get out there.

To me Moscow seems like a typical tourist city although it is not all that tourist friendly.  For one thing the only language in the Metro’s is Cyrilic.  Not what you would expect from a country desperately trying to be part of the EU.  Also customer service is something that most Russians do not understand.  I attribute this to the fact that Russia is not even two decades removed from fall of communism is eastern Europe.

But as for the common man and woman, trying to make their way in a third world country, they have nothing but my love.  All the people that we met in Veronezh, and even the hotel desk clerk, have been nice, even though at times business interactions are Byzantine (You would not believe what we went through to get our tickets to the ballet, which I slept through).

There will be definitely more to come along with pictures.  But for now, I am signing off.

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