Posted by: rusch | May 25, 2007

Uncle Orson

Years ago I read Orson Card’s Ender’s Game. “Read” weakly describes how I read it, devoured is apt. I began the book on a Saturday morning and did not stop until about two or three the next morning. While my roommates were whitewater rafting, I was reading. I believe that the hours spent reading the book were just as enjoyable as if I had gone on the trip.

Since then I have not read any other books by Card. A few years ago I swore off all things fiction with the exception of The Da Vinci Code. But that oath might be broken.

Orson Scott Card intrigues me not only because he is a masterful storyteller, but also because we share faiths. Both of us are Mormon. What intrigues me most about him is the fact that he is a Latter-day Saint, and yet has major shelf space devoted to him at national chain bookstores such as Borders and Barnes and Noble. He fascinates me because it seems that most LDS authors have their wares hawked at your local, independent LDS bookstore or the Church owned Deseret chain of bookstores.

Card has been able to solve the problem of how to write literature with Mormon themes and be relevant for those who do not share a common religious view.

So on the plane tomorrow, the first two books from his Alvin Maker series will serve as my reading material.

I will let you know how they go, and will discuss any Mormon themes that I am able to notice.

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