Posted by: rusch | May 19, 2007

Taking your life into your hands for the best mexican food around

About a year ago my neighbor Jorgen, my brother Nathan, and I ate the best Mexican food any of us have ever had. 

In Lawrenceville there is a growing hispanic population and with that growth has come a large number of ethnic eateries that offer food that makes the big name Tex-Mex places look like Taco Bell.  But what Jorgen, Nathan, and I experienced was not only the best Mexican food ever, but a very unique experience.

Arco Iris, or Rainbow, is located on Highway 29 on the way to Athens.  It is litterally a shack.  The inside it is not much better.  It is not an exageration to say that while you are sitting at your table, someone could be in a corner welding or operating a metal grinder.  You just have to overlook the the fact that Aro Iris is, how shall we generously say, a work in Progress.  And by the way, use the bathroom before you go.  Their restrooms might cause you to loose your apetite.

But if you don’t care about ambiance, or health codes, and only concerned with the food.  Then this is the place for you.  Although I recommend that you get your food to go.  That is what I will be doing around noon today.

This will be my last meal there, because in week, I will no longer reside in Georgia.

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