Posted by: rusch | May 19, 2007

Taking a break, gonna get some burrittos

I have been packing for about four hours and am ready to take a break, get some lunch, and then start back in.

So far, almost all my clothes are packed.  There is one last load that is in the dryer that needs folding and packing.  Other then that, the packing of the clothes aspect of getting ready to move is almost complete.   I figure it will be easier to pack, then take what I need from what has been packed for Europe and then put the rest away then anyting else that I have thought of.

Packing has been rather unemotional.  I know that for some people, packing their things as part of moving can be quite emotional for them, but for me, it is just another thing on a list of things that need to be done before making the move to Provo.  I think I will feel something as my brother and I pull away from my house for the last time.  But until then, there is just too much to take care of to be overcome with emotion about this transition period.

Well, for the next hour, it is burritto time.

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