Posted by: rusch | May 18, 2007

Let them fail

I work in the field of special education.  For the past two years, I have spent all day, everyday, working with people who span the ability continum.  Some cannot do anything for themselves and others are very bright, but because of the enabling behavior of their parents have created children who are more disabled then they should be.

For instance, there is one young man, who is on the verge failing his math class because he did almost no homework for the semester, but is close enough to passing that his teacher is giving him extra work to do over the weekend to bring his grade up.  This kid is so disorganized and irresponsible that it would not surprise me if he does not complete the assignment, looses it, and ends up failing the class altogether.

I think that failing would be a very good thing for him.  He would realize that if he is going to get through high school, and life, he will have to put forth more effort then he is putting forth now and that he needs to take responsibility for himself.  Honestly most of this comes down to desire.  He flat refuses to do things, and people, especially his parents, have bailed him out too many times.

If anyone is thinking about going into special education, might I strongly suggest that you consider elementary or middle school, where behaviors have not become so ingrained that there is little chance for change.

Probably sounding pessimistic, but that is how I see it.

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