Posted by: rusch | April 26, 2007

My evil ways

My brother and I have a similar sense of humor.  Last night he called wanting to enlist my help in playing a joke on our parents.  But first, some background.

Over the past couple of years, my cousins have gone through phases of being out on their own followed by moving back home when they are between things such as leases, school, jobs, and perhaps buying a house.  They never stay for long and are usually on their way in a couple of months if that.

In two instances, my cousins have brought dogs with them and then did not take the animal with them when they moved back out.  The kids leave, and the parents are stuck with the animal.  My parents have said that any animals we acquire are our responsibility, and that leaving a dog, horse, iguana, boa constrictor, or any other animal is not part of the program.   Or so they say.  These days when the rubber meets the road they will sometimes back down, and eventually give in.  I have noticed this especially with my youngest brother who pretty much did what he wanted during his junior and senior years of high school.  It probably has to do with the mellowing that comes with age.

I told my brother that I would go along.  I even suggested that we alter story and say that he and his wife in fact had the dog, and that it would be coming with them Saturday when they move in.  He did not want to take it that far because it would mean actually producing a dog, something that they were not prepared to do.

In the end this seemed like it had the possibility of being really funny, not unlike I called my mom during my first semester away from home and said that I was getting married (I even got a girl to go along with me on this one).  So I waited for my mother to come home. 

When she walked through the door she asked if anyone had called.  I informed her that my brother had called and that they had some good news.  Mom asked what that news was.  I said, “Jon and Emily are thinking about getting a dog”. Her response was as I expected.  “Oh great, what kind of dog?” she said obviously nonplussed.  I tried to then think of what dog sheds the most and is the hardest on the house.  It suddenly occurred to me that Rottweilers, Dobermans, and any other big dog was less then believable, so I went with some kind of Lab.

She was not happy.  She hates Labs. 

Now that she has taken the bate, I have thought about taking things one step further by borrowing a Lab and having my brother and sister in law bring the dog when they move in so that my parents can meet the “newest addition” to the family.

I am evil.

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