Posted by: rusch | January 15, 2007

Sacrament Meeting meets the Doors

I hope that this does not sound egotistical, but I am going to start a new set of posts called talks that I would like to hear or give someday.  Over the years I think that I have heard the same talk given about 36,376 times.  Basically this talk involves the person beginning with announcing their assigned topic.  From there they go into some GA quotes followed by scriptures that most everyone is familiar with but enjoys hearing over and over.  Then, in order for the message to have some kind of relevance, the speaker will share a personal experience that may, or may not, relate or exemplify the principle they are trying to teach.

Today at Church the talks were definitely above average and bordering on great because I felt that those speaking were speaking from their heart and doing their best, which is all that I ask when someone speaks in Church.  If I want more I can read my scriptures on my own time and have bookshelves full of books that relate to the gospel.

But today I thought that for my own edification, upliftment, or any of the other colloquialisms that are used in LDS culture, I am going to start writing talks on what I would have said if assigned the topics talked about in Sacrament meeting.

On a humorous note, I will never forget a dream that I had about Sacrament meeting.  I dreamt one night that our long time ward organist could not contain herself any longer and began jamming out the Doors hit song Fire with its’ amazing organ solo.  I wonder if there has been a Sacrament meeting where the bishop got up to the microphone and began to sing. “You know that I would be untrue…”?

We can only dream.


  1. I’ll tell you what–something I haven’t even told Jonathan (because he wouldn’t care–lol) is that I think out Sacrament Meeting talks in my head… When I think about a certain subject, it’s my form of pondering. 🙂 I don’t think you’re egotistical at all! 😀

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