Posted by: rusch | November 18, 2006

The Teachings of Gordon B. Hinkley

Last year about this time I felt impressed to study the life of Joseph Smith. I read Richard Bushman’s recent contribution and after having read it, along with two very careful readings of the Doctrine and Covenants, my conviction that he was a Prophet was strengthened, and I grew as a person learning lessons about how the Lord will work with us, warts and all, so long as we will give our very best relying upon Him to make up for our shortcomings.

Now I have an inclination to study the teachings contained in the Conference talks of Gordon B. Hinkley from his first address as President of the Church in April of 1995 until the most recent conference held in October.

So today, I began the process of copying the talks from to my word processor, putting them in my preferred format for storing and reading such things (a PDF file), and then saving them to a file folder on the desktop of my Mac called “Teachings of Gordon B. Hinkley”. The file is subdivided into small files for the April and October conferences of each year, with each talk from the conference in their respective files.

This desire to study his teachings was born of a desire to try and understand why some of my closest friends and members of my family have such strong feelings for him. In no way have I ever disputed whether or not he was a prophet, I just felt detached from what others feel and think that in some way I am missing out. I believe that best way to honor a prophet is to follow their council and understand there role as mouthpeice for the Divine.

So far I have read the talks he gave in April of 1995 when he became President of the Church.

What stood out to me is that he emphasized equality among not members of the Church, but people in General. One phrase along these lines stood out when he said that wherever we serve in the Church, whatever we do in our sphere is as important as what he does in his sphere of influence. This really resonated with me and what I believe the Gospel is and means.

His teaching on Racial and Ethnic equality also stand in stark contrast to what some have said locally about people from other places and other religions.

The talks from ’95 are so good that I recommend them all. There were only three given and they read pretty quickly, but are very good.

From time to time I will write here about this odyssey into the teachings of the Church’s current President. I also welcome anyone else who is interested in doing the same to let me know what they think about what are perhaps the most important messages he has given. You can call, email, or comment here.

So, until the next post, happy reading.


  1. is there a book titled “Teachings of Gordon B. Hinkley”?

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