Posted by: rusch | October 17, 2006

The Accidental Mohawk

About a year ago I started cutting my own hair.  It is not glamorous, nor am I as talented as might be thought.  Simply put, like all men facing the unbearable prospect of losing his hair, I have had to decide whether to continue paying for haircuts. $13 a month totaling $156 a year, or cut it myself and incurring an initial cost of only twenty bucks for a good set of guards and clippers.  I opted to do it myself.  Every time I stand in front of the mirror I imagine a beautiful woman handing me a check for fifteen dollars because after all, tipping is encouraged.

Like I said it is not spectacular.  I fit the 3/8” guard to the clippers and go to town until all my remaining hair has reached the universal afore mentioned length.  My mom hates this.  Unfortunately she is in more denial then I am about my hair loss, believing that there is enough hair left to merit me parting the with exorbitant sum of thirteen dollars to get a hair cut.

So Sunday morning came around and looking relatively shaggy; I got out the clippers and started cutting.  But this time I tried to do something different.  I tried to leave some on top and fade it on the sides.  I cut my hair until what was reflected back in the mirror seemed pleasing.

Today at work I came to full realization of what had really happened.  I had given myself a Mohawk.  Even though it is an accidental Mohawk, it is a Mohawk just the same.  It is hard to see, but if I were to let my hair grow long enough and kept cutting it the same way, it would be very noticeable.

Well, it could be worse.  I could let it grow out and look like Art Garfunkel. The ridiculous hair of a great musician.


  1. Personally, I would go with the Garfunkel look. It’s so Sixties.

  2. Chris, you cannot have an entry like this without an accompanying picture of said haircut… I found myself scrolling down the page in anticipation of the described incident. I was highly disappointed.

  3. Ya, Shellinator is right, I want a pic.

    I too cut my own hair as well. It’s worth it. I actually cut it though, not just a even cut all the way around, then again, I’m not even close to balding yet.

    The only reason I really left a comment was to rub in the fact that you are losing your hair and I am not…na na na na na!

  4. I tried to take some pictures but they did not look all that great and the Mohawk in question was not all that noticeable. Maybe after a few weeks I will post another picture showing the results of my attempts at frugality.

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