Posted by: rusch | September 15, 2006


After a brief hiatus I have returned.

I finished Team of Rivals and strongly recommend that everyone run out to your nearest Barnes and Noble, Borders, or local bookstore, purchase and read this masterpiece of American Biography.

The question now is what to read next. I began Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces. After about twenty-two pages, I am hooked.

Campbell talks about the importance of outward ritual in the development and maturation of a person’s psyche. He states that outward rites, ordinances to the LDS, are necessary because the subconscious has a longing and almost indomitable desire to remain infantile . Without these rites, individuals may grow up and old, but will forever mentally and spiritually remain children.
He claims that instead of facing forward and embracing each phase of life with its’ attended trials and triumphs, we seek to reamain young at almost all costs. Campbell ‘s words are pertinent today with today with youth craze that grips society.

Interesting thoughts, especially coming from someone who was not a member nor even associated with an organized faith, and who was critical of organized religion.

For you fellow nerds and geeks, this particular work by Joseph Campbell heavily influenced George Lucas and even inspired him while he was working on Star Wars: A New Hope.

So not only should you read this book; you should also watch the Original Star War Trilogy in its’ entirety.



  1. May I add a few more titles? (I am going to run right out and get Team of Rivals as soon as I can, on your recommendation, by the way.) If you like good, well-written history, I would also recommend Tackach, Lincoln’s Moral Vision, a incisive argument for Lincoln having developed in his moral–and spiritual–views over time. Also, Ronald White’s The Eloquent President, which wonderfully explores the artistry of each major text (speeches, etc.) from Lincoln. Very compelling.

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