Posted by: rusch | September 9, 2006

What’s on my Nightstand

I have become a voracious reader. These days I am usually between three or four books, and have an ever-growing library and reading list.

Here is what I am reading currently and what I think about it.

Hugh Nibley: Approaching Zion:
I began reading this one as a missionary. Recently I began reading it again and have gotten about half way through. Nibley had really good ideas and definitely knew a lot, but his downfall is he cannot get to the point. I have come to appreciate brevity. There just comes a point where you need to stop presenting evidence and make your point. But a must for anyone who wants to know if all is really well in Zion.

Dorris Kearns Goodwin: Team of Rivals: The political genius of Abraham Lincoln:
Definitely the best thing I have ever read about one of this nation’s greatest Presidents. Our nation needs a man like Lincoln, someone who can influence the best and brightest for the common good and to help them see there is something more important than their own ambitions.

B.H. Roberts: The Truth, The Way, The Life: An elementary treatise in theology:
Here is perhaps one of the most ambitious works ever written by an LDS author. Roberts sought to put in one volume the whole plan of salvation. It was not published when Roberts wrote it in the 1920’s. This edition is a compilation of various drafts by Roberts all in one readable volume. Anyone wanting insight into this man’s core beliefs needs to read this book.

Robert Baer: See No Evil:
Baer makes a damning indictment of how Washington does not use the CIA for what it was intended; to serve as a safety net to prevent another Pearl Harbor type attack. Baer, like Steve Coll, points out that in the 80’s and 90’s if it did have to with the Soviet Union or Nuclear Weapons, policy makers did not want to hear about it.

All of these books need to find their way to your nightstand.

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