Posted by: rusch | September 8, 2006

The Spirit of Adultery: My thoughts

I hope that everyone was able to read Michael Lenhart’s article The Spirit of Adultery.

Dr. Lenhart is a great teacher. I have told numerous friends and acquaintances that if they did not take classes from either David Peck or Mike Lenhart, then they were missing a great learning experience.

Lenhart introduced me to why culture is important and can often affect us in more ways then we often realize. The Spirit Of Adultery powerfully discusses consumer and popular culture and their effects on a small conservative Latter-day Saint University. Upon my first reading, unlike other things that I have read during my college education, these five pages came alive because I had seen all of the things that Lenhart documented in his article.

At the time, I was on my way out of BYU-I. I had been accepted to BYU Hawaii and was more then happy to be accepted to another university, one in warmer tropical climes with a similar tuition rate.

I hope that all of you will take the time to read or re-read Mike Lenhart’s article.

As always, this link, The Spirit of Adultery, will put the article in your hardrive. From the there, your printer will put it in your hands. From there it will hopefully go into your brain and being.

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