Posted by: rusch | August 21, 2006

A Stranger and a Pilgrim

“A stranger and a pilgrim” is the title of a BYU-Idaho Education Week presentation by my former professor, Dr. David Peck. The talk is an attempt to help Latter-day saints understand an important work of literature, Dante’s La Comedia or Divine Comedy, and see that within Dante’s masterwork of poetry are lessons that are very applicable not only for Mormons, but for everyone who considers themselves a stranger and pilgrim to this world.

Click here to go BYU Broadcasting’s website. Look for the talk by Brother peck towards the top of the page. You can download the talk for free by left clicking the mp3 icon and then selecting to the down load linked file option (I’m not sure for PC, as per I use a Mac but it should be similar.

If you want a free copy Dante’s The Divine Comedy, or other classic works of literature in PDF format click here. You at the bottom of page click the link “return to classics library” to browse the entire library all in PDF format just waiting to be downloaded and read.

Happy listening and reading.

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