Posted by: rusch | August 20, 2006

Of the happiness that used to be

I was released from being Elders Quorum president today and was promptly called to be the Sunday School President making this the third time that I have held this calling. Even though I have done this before, after talking to Ben, the former president, I have some good ideas about what could be done to really serve and make more of this calling then I have in the past.

Being released was great. I met with President Weiler Wednesday night and had a great interview. It was then that I had a vision of what had been accomplished over the past year and a half and a vision of things to sacred to be shared here.

Right now I am working on a two posts. One is an attempt to employ my rough understanding of exegesis to understand the relationship between Nephi and his brother Laman and Lemuel. I started this a month ago, and am still in the drafting process. The Other is a personal essay about how Dante’s divine Comedy. The more and more I think about it, I may have to read this poem in its’ entirety in order to better understand it.

I am sad to see my summer friends return to school. But am hopeful for happy reunions when they return at Christmas.

Until then I have pictures and plenty of memories..

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