Posted by: rusch | August 14, 2006

Come Come ye Saints

School is back in session. It is good to be back although this will be my last year with my school. You can’t work as a paraprofessional forever (well, you could, but you would never be able to retire).

The thing is this. I am twenty-seven and will turn twenty eight in December and just feel that it is time to press forward with my education and finding a spouse. Also I am getting that feeling that it is time to move on. I have felt that way ever since coming home from EFY and if some feelings and impressions that I have been having come to fruition, then I must take it as a sign that elsewhere is the place for me.

It’s not that I don’t like Georgia, the people at Church, my job, or anything else. I just feel like moving would be a good thing to do. Not sure where, but probably someplace out west.

Since EFY, things have felt different around here. I don’t feel the comfortable or at home anymore. Could my home be “far away in the west”? Perhaps. But we shall see.

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