Posted by: rusch | August 12, 2006


It has been a long week.

As with most things that involve Government, they are always behind. Over the summer the county was supposed remodel our new room and have it ready for when we came back on Monday. Don’t hold your breath when you are relying on Big brother to do anything.

I have learned, as with most things involving Government, don’t expect them to meet any timetables they give you or have things ready when they say they say will. Some would put the blame on the construction company but that would be wrong. They can only work as quickly and as soon as they are given the “go-ahead”.

But complaining gets you nowhere, nor does it accomplish much if no one is listening or cares.

On a happier note The Frighteners was on television tonight. Ever since EFY I have been hesitant about renting movies that bare the forbidden rating for many Latter-day Saints. In fact I have not watched an R-rated movie in months, perhaps a year. To some this may sound silly, but I have noticed a difference in my life as result of my choices regarding media.

So I watched the Frighteners. While I have problems with content such as graphic depictions of sex and nudity and graphic violence, as long as offending content is removed, I have no problems with watching a movie over the air-waves when questionable material has been removed.

After finishing The Book Of Mormon, I am wondering about a different way to study the scriptures. I have not been much one for commentaries. The study guides that are available through institute are not much my speed although I might give them another chance. I think that a written journal of thoughts and impression that I get as the pages turn will be something that is more interesting.

I am resolved that I do not get into graduate school then I will return to school and get the degree in history that I always wanted and would still like to get someday. Might as well with no wife or kids.

Well that is it for today. Take care all.

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