Posted by: rusch | July 16, 2006

The Night of the Full Moon

Something happened at EFY last week that will not be soon forgotten.

It was last Friday night. One of the young men in my group locked himself out of his room. After rounding up all the other guys and getting them in their rooms for lights out, I went downstairs to call security to unlock the young man’s door.

I came upstairs to find that a window in one of my guy’s rooms had been broken. Naturally I was in shock at what had happened, and was asking how did this happen?

Here’s how it happened. One of the guys, we’ll call him Frank, decided that it would be cool to climb out on the roof and moon the guys in another room. Frank climbed out of his window, on to the roof and made his way over to the adjoining window, dropped- trou, and thrust his bare butt-cheeks against the window.

Unfortunately for Frank, the windows in the building are antique glass and have lost much of the their tensile strength, and the force exerted by the impact of gluteus muscles against the glass, was enough to shatter the window. Glass was everywhere.

I was not worried about the window. My first thoughts were for Frank and his backside, because glass in the rear would make for a very uncomfortable ride home. Seriously, the health and safety of the youth are first.

There was nothing to be said. He was to the point of tears and realized that what he had done was really wrong. I told him, “We can worry about the window later”. Then asked, “Are you okay?”

Hopefully, Frank has learned to think things through before he goes and does them. Hopefully paying for the window will teach him that there are always consequences to our actions, though we may not perceive them.

All that can be done now is hope. And hopefully the powers that are at EFY will allow him back.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, and thankfully most of us were able to have a good laugh.


  1. Hm. How much was the cost of the window? I’m all about being sensitive, but ya, he deserved any associated pain alright.

  2. I don’t know the cost. I suspect it will be quite expensive because of how old the window was. The university will charge EFY and then EFY will charge the young man’s Family.–>

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