Posted by: rusch | June 10, 2006

The Spirit of the Game

When arguing who is the greatest player of all time, most align themselves with either the Shaq, Kobe, or Michael Jordan camps. This author though is thinking completely outside of the box when it comes to who is the greatest player to lace up a pair of high—tops, put some really short shorts, and don a pair of eye-glasses with nothing but a drugstore athletic band to hold them in place.

If you have not figured it out yet, in my humble opinion, the greatest player to set foot on the court was Kurt Rambis.

He had it all. Style, work ethic, and an intensity that has not been matched since he left the game in the mid-nineties. He was the great white hope.

I mean who dives into the crowd after a ball when you are up by thirty in the fourth quarter with two minutes left? Kurt Rambis, that’s who. Watching him play was more then just watching a game, it was not unlike ancient Romans watching a beloved gladiator in the arena.

So here’s to Kurt Rambis, the Chuck Norris of Pro basketball.


  1. Chris… glad to hear you didn’t pick Laimbeer!!!
    Hope you are doing well.

    Jen (your cousin from CT)

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