Posted by: rusch | June 1, 2006


I bought a great CD yesterday. But first some history on why I bought this particular cd and why I like it so much.

It was during the winter of 1997, in a pizza place called Craigo’s, when Ryan Probasco, Greg Payette, perhaps Jared Peterson, and I, were waiting for our “pizza bombs”, what Craigo’s called calzones, to come to our table.

We liked Craigo’s. It was a change in pace from the institutional food they served at the Galley, the on campus Cafeteria we ate at everyday. Craigo’s was also cool, because in this bastion of cultural Mormonism, they had MTV2 playing all hours of the Day on a big-screen TV. This was before the hip-hop coup that would overthrow rock and roll on cable TV to give us such shows as “Pimp my Ride” and “Cribs”.

Around 8pm or so, MTV2, the alternative music channel of the time, got even more alternative. If you got really lucky, you could see a Jamiriquai, Radiohead, or Crystal Method video.

Craigo’s was where I heard some great music, two of which, that are now my all time favorites. In particular they are “Karma Police” by Radiohead and “She Runs Away” by Duncan Sheik.

The other day I was thinking that it was shame that I did not have “She Runs Away” in my iTunes library. I felt bad. So I hoped on my P2P service and downloaded a cool live version of the song. Then I jumped on the iTunes music store to check out other things that Duncan Sheik had done. It was there that I listened to samples from an album called “White Limousine”.

Later yesterday evening, I went to Barnes and Noble in Buckhead. I gave “White Limousine” another listen and then decided that this CD was worthy of Purchase. So I went to the counter and whipped out my ten-dollar gift card that had been in my wallet since Christmas and made my purchase.

I am happy with the CD. Good music deserves to be purchased.

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